About APT

Austin Playback Theatre is an improvisational theater in which the troupe elicits impressions and stories from the audience and plays them back.

IMG_1325Founded in July 2009. Members include Bess Green,  Dustin Parks, Katrina Baecht, Debra Latimer, Paige Dearman, Paul Normandin and Emily Breedlove.  Find us on Facebook!

From the Centre for Playback Theatre:  “Interactive and spontaneous, playback theatre bases its material on the stories of the community. In theatres, workshops, and a wide range of educational and organizational settings, Playback Theatre draws people together and allows fresh perspectives.nice one lean

Performances are carried out by a team of actors, emcee (called the conductor), and musician. As the show begins, audience members respond to questions from the conductor, then watch as actors and musician create brief theatre pieces on the spot. Later, volunteers from the audience come to the stage to tell longer stories, choosing actors to play the main roles.”

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